Brian "Skippy" Valenzuela

From Santa Barbara Ca. Fell in love with music at a early age. First writing rhymes with childhood friend Wino Loks (RIP). Instantly fell in love with the sounds and technical side of things working hands on mixing mastering and producing records for multiple artists. Picked up a keyboard and haven’t put it down since…

Cesar “Raskal Loko” Zamora

My name is Cesar Zamora but in the hood they know me as Raskal Loko. I started writing poems and lyrics at the age of 13. I grew up listening to Snopp, Dr. Dre and 2pac, so my mission is to make an important impact in this rap game like the rapper’s I grew up listening to. Let’s network, create and innovate.

Ese "BUG$Y" Loko

Born & Raised in Santa Barbara ,Ca. Bug$ first started rapping with childhood friend Wino Loks. He quickly perfected his craft while trying to juggle day to day struggles. He prepared himself for his first studio album “Bugs Life” out now most major digital platforms. Thank you for the continued support


Born on the streets of Santa Barbara,Ca. He learned to grow up quick and seen a lot through out his youth. He took what life gave him and turned into a real life story telling machine. A walking book ready to share with the world.


A young fearless leader from Santa Barbara, Ca. Started out rapping at 15 recording full records instantly in his mother’s livingRoom with a home studio set up. He’s the backbone of getting this started and to him we are forever great full. May his music play on and name never be forgotten…